Travel Planning and ConsultingTravel and travel planning takes time and effort. We run a management consulting company and one of the most expensive cost factors is typically our travel and therefore it needs to be well planned.  Good travel agents know the rules of the industry, understand the systems they are using and know how to make effective yet affordable reservations for travelers.

Our philosophy at TELLUS Travels is to book our clients trips as if we would do it for our own employees, with the same care of thoroughness and preciseness that we have done it the past 20 years. We know where to find deals, we know what it means to be responsive to business travelers that are busy getting things done.

If you are a business that need help in setting up your travel policies and plans, we are more than happy to help you in your specific needs.


If you are considering a cruise or vacation, we are happy to give you some ideas, so you are not on your own with your planning. The Internet has, unfortunately, lots of misguided info, and you don't want to make wrong choices. You want to ensure that your vacation becomes your dream vacation.